COVID-19 Store Updates

Return Policy Update

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily suspending product returns on all products, Cosmetics & Apparel (clothing & accessories).


Why are you not taking my return?

One of our core values is safety. Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic and our inability to monitor products that have left our stores, we are declining all returns (including refunds, store credits and product exchanges) for the safety of our customers and associates.

Why was this not posted sooner?

We continue to closely monitor the rapidly evolving situation and make decisions that allow us to operate clean, open and stocked stores to serve our customers and support our associates. Out of an abundance of caution, we made the decision to temporarily suspend returns to protect the safety of our associates and customers.

What is the time frame when you will start taking returns?

We will continue to closely monitor guidance from state and local agencies and adjust our policies accordingly.

What are the customer’s benefits for us not accepting returns?

Customers can feel a sense of safety when purchasing products off our shelves. All products customers purchase off our shelves have not left the store.


General FAQs

  • As a Local business, we are committed to doing our part to flatten the curve while providing our customers with access to our products. To further encourage physical distancing, we will begin limiting the number of people in our stores at a time to 50% or more of the building code’s calculated capacity. This will help us to monitor traffic flow in and out of the store. 


  • What happens if a store reaches capacity?

    Over the last few weeks, customers’ shopping patterns and frequency have changed, so we do not anticipate our stores reaching capacity often. When and if it happens,  an associate will direct customers to form a line outside the store, encouraging six feet between each customer. As customers exit the store, additional customers will be able to enter the store.


  • Are you limiting purchase quantities?

    We have set purchase limits on certain categories of items that are in high demand. These purchase limits will also be applied to orders placed on our app or website. This is to ensure that all customers have access to the items they need most.


  • How are you maintaining product availability?
  • Our supply chain associates are working tirelessly to replenish our stores weekly with the items our customers need most.


  • Has your return policy changed?

    For health and safety reasons, we are not currently accepting returns on items purchased in excess that our customers no longer want.


  • Why did store hours change?

    Our modified store hours give our associates the time they need to clean and restock shelves. Our store now operates by appointments and curbside pickup.


  • What are you doing to increase pickup and delivery availability?

    We’re making more time-slots available to accommodate the increase in demand for our pickup and delivery services. We’ll continue to monitor and make changes as necessary to make pickup and delivery more accessible for our customers.


  • Does your website show current product inventory?

    Pickup & Delivery: Inventory varies by store and changes throughout the day as customers shop in-store and online. Inventory is updated in real time. If an item shows that it’s available for pickup or delivery, availability is guaranteed.

    Ship: Our shippable inventory is updated in near-real time. We encourage customers to check our app or website to view item availability.


  • What are you doing to protect and support your associates during this time?

    The past few weeks have been unprecedented for our country, our associates and our customers. Associates in our stores, warehouses, distribution centers,  production facilities and offices are working around the clock to keep our stores clean, open and stocked.

    On March 14, we created a policy allowing paid time off for associates diagnosed with COVID-19 or placed under quarantine. All eligible associates will receive their standard pay for up to 14 days. 


  • How is The Mysexywaist Store handling this unprecedented pandemic?

    Preparedness, Store Conditions and Products

    Our task force has coordinated organizational activities to help our business navigate through this public health event and quickly activate our COVID-19 preparedness plan. We also continue to partner with and follow guidance from federal, state and local agencies, including the CDC and other health organizations.


  • What shopping options are currently available?

    Our associates are working to ensure our in-store, pickup and ship services are operational and available to customers.

    We are asking our customers be patient, to be kind to one another and our associates, and to shop responsibly and purchase what you need, knowing that we will continue to replenish store with the supplies and products our customers need most.


  • Are Customers Required to Wear Masks?
  • We encourage and require all our customers to wear a mask when they visit our stores, or alternatively, consider one of our ecommerce options available at 
  • Is free pickup service being offered?

    Our purpose is to Feed the Human Spirit, and we are always here for our customers and communities when they need us most, especially in times of uncertainty.

    We have experienced an increase in demand for our pickup service as customers seek alternative ways to shop with no minimum order threshold. Because of the surge, our customers may experience limited inventory options and longer wait times than usual. We appreciate our customers’ understanding as we work tirelessly to serve the community during this unprecedented time.

    How Pickup Works:

      1. Choose your preferred store location 
      2. Shop and place your order for groceries on or the Kroger app
      3. Select a pickup date and time and the payment method. 
      4. An associate shops for your order
      5. When it’s time to pick up your order, look for the pickup signs in the store’s parking lot and pull into your parking spot then call the number on the sign to let an associate know you’ve arrived.
      6. An associate will bring your order out to your car.


  • We continue to experience an increase in demand for our pickup service as customers seek alternative ways to shop. To support the increase, Pickup will be available from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. 

  • What about the transmission of COVID-19 through imported goods?

  • Most of our products are domestically sourced. Additionally, there’s no evidence at this time of any coronavirus diagnoses related to imported goods.


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