Understanding the Difference Between Waist-Training Garments


One of the most common questions we receive is whether it is better to use a cincher or a corset when waist training. The answer is…it depends! While they can both be used effectively for waist training, they are two very different types of garments, because of the materials inside.


Corsets are traditional waist-slimming garments, reinforced with steel boning and sometimes tightened with laces. They can produce very dramatic results (multiple inches instantly) and are designed to create a pronounced hourglass waistline.


Cinchers are modern waist-slimming garments, constructed with synthetic materials like nylon, spandex and/or latex as well as plastic boning. Like corsets they instantly slim the waistline, although not as dramatically (generally 1-3 inches).


A corset might be appropriate when:

  • You are interested dramatically reshaping your midsection. Wearing a corset for multiple hours a day will "train" your waist, similar to how gauges would reshape your earlobes or braces would shift your teeth.
  • You like the style of a corset. Unlike cinchers, many corsets look phenomenal when worn as outerwear.
  • You plan on slimming down quite a bit. The laces are easily tightened as your waistline shrinks.
  • You need to drop lots of inches from your waist on the spot. The corset gets the job done.

A cincher might be appropriate when:

  • You want to work out. Workout cinchers are a great way to increase the intensity and burn more calories.
  • You want to hide your shapewear under your clothing. Unlike bulkier corsets, many cinchers are designed to be invisible under your outerwear, making everyday use more realistic.
  • You want to eliminate "bulging." Some styles of corsets are just not flattering on all body types, while cinchers can be more effective at hiding unwanted bulge.
  • You want to waist train while sleeping. If you're that serious about your waist-training regimen, a cincher can be a more comfortable way to relax.

Some women find it very useful to have both cinchers and corsets in their wardrobe, so if you can't decide, try both to find the best fit for different outfits and occasions