Tips and Tricks of Buying Wholesale Shape wear

We look at all the important things you should know before buying wholesale shapewear. In theory, buying wholesale shapewear and selling them at retail is a great way to start your entrepreneurial venture. However, in practice you need to do your homework on shapewear, waist cinchers, and the current trends, the buying patterns of your clients and the best practices of meeting all your clients’ shapewear needs.

There is no doubt that waist training has taken the world by storm and the fact that you are considering buying shapewear wholesale, wholesale waist trainers and waist cincher wholesale means that you are in the right track. But, there are a few things you should take note of before selling your first shapewear and waist training products.

Deciding exactly what to sell

Are you going to deal in waist cinchers only, waist training corsets only, shapewear only or will you deal in them all? Choosing the right product for your niche will determine the success of your business. You need to conduct market research via social media, family friends to find out which of shapewear, waist training products is more in demand.

One main consideration before buying wholesale shapewear, waist cincher wholesale or wholesale waist trainers is to go for products you have a deep interest in. for example, if you love the female form and want to help every woman regardless of shape and size feel good about themselves, then buying wholesale shapewear could just be for you.

If you also want to help women achieve the classic hourglass shape, then waist cincher wholesale and wholesale waist trainers could also be something to consider. Doing your homework well ahead of time will help you ensure a better outcome for your business and also help you avoid headaches and heartaches in the long run. Knowing your clients will help you in buying wholesale shapewear that will address their shapewear needs.

Benefits of buying what your customer needs

The truth about wholesale, whether it is buying wholesale shapewear, wholesale waist trainers or waist cincher wholesale; however good your product is, the simple truth is that no one will buy shapewear or waist trainers if they don’t believe they need it or if they don’t want it. And you will be wasting your money and time buying wholesale shapewear, wholesale waist trainers or waist cincher wholesale if you are still looking to persuade anyone that they need what you are offering unless you understand what your clients really want.

Knowing and understanding your customers shapewear needs is at the center of the success of your buying shapewear wholesale. Whether you are selling shapewear to individuals or to other shapewear businesses, once you have correct shapewear knowledge, you can use it to persuade potential and existing shapewear users that buying from you will serve their best interests.

By understanding your clients’ needs, you will by what they want and they will in turn buy from you promptly and you won’t need to worry about dead shapewear stock.

Answer the following questions about your clients in relation to shapewear, waist trainers and waist cinchers and you will expand your business beyond your wildest shapewear imaginations.

  • What do they do?
  • Who are they?
  • Where and when do they buy shapewear?
  • What makes them feel good about buying shapewear?
  • What do they expect of you?
  • What do they think about your competitors?

Once you are able to answer these questions positively, your potential and existing clients will solely come to you for their shapewear needs.

Up selling/ bundling shapewear products

Waist trainers and waist cinchers go together with shapewear like bread and butter. So, bundling shapewear products with waist training products might actually be a HUGE plus for your buying wholesale shapewear business. You can also add osmotic wrap, corset slips and caffeine creams to your stock. By doing so, you will transforming your business to a one stop shop for your clients.

First survey the market then decide if selling or bundling shapewear products is the best business strategy for you at the moment.

So far, we have established that buying wholesale shapewear, wholesale waist trainers and waist cincher wholesale is not just a matter of buying then re-selling, it involves understanding your niche and meeting all the shapewear needs of your clients. Do your homework then go ahead in your venture of buying wholesale shapewear.

How To Choose A Waist Trainer

When it comes to choosing a waist trainer, you want to make sure you go with the best waist trainer that you can afford. There really is no point to buying a cheap, unstructured trainer that won’t give your results.

If you are just starting out you most likely want to choose a basic latex waist shaper to start off with. With these waist shapers you don’t have to worry about lacing up a corset or how to hide the corset under your clothes. Instead the latex shaper has a simple metal closure on the front and it can easily be worn under all types of clothing.

Not every waist shaper is made the same though. You need one that is tight enough to pull your waist in and has enough structure so it doesn’t simply just roll over. It needs to be tight, but it shouldn’t be painfully tight. There are lots of trainers that have a comfortable lining to help with nay irritations as well as a smoother outer appearance so it’s not noticeable.

If you want something a little more advanced you may be interested in a waist training corset. These are actual steel boned corsets that lace up the back and really pull in your waist.

For some women these corsets are too much but for some others they really enjoy seeing the results and don’t mind the fuss of the corset.

If you are looking for a corset for waist training you

want to be sure that you buy a quality product that not only has really

great structure (boning) but is also adjustable and will last you

through for quite some time. If you are looking for a corset, check out

our selection for the best waist training corsets so you don’t waste

your time and money on cheap corsets that don’t give you results